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2021 Guide to the New ADU Laws in California

It is now easier and more affordable to get ADU plans approved. As of January 1, 2021 changes to ADU laws continue to lift restrictions, and make it easier and more affordable to build Accessory Dwelling Units – aka. Granny Flats, and Guest Houses – in California. ADUs have become very popular as a means … Continue reading

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Contemporary Home Exterior Makeovers

How to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal and Completely Change the Exterior of Your Home. Is the look of your house dated? Do you wish to enhance the style and character of your home? It’s surprisingly easy to upgrade your home’s curb appeal, especially if you put yourself in the hands of a skilled, licensed, residential … Continue reading

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Adding a Home Office to Your Property

Many of us have now found ourselves working from home. This is a big adjustment if you have not already planned for this. Perhaps you have somehow managed to carve some space on your kitchen table or share a small desk in one of your kid’s rooms, but now realize working from home may be … Continue reading

Adding a Guest House to Your Property

Everything You Need to Know to Build an ADU What is an ADU? ADU (also “second unit” or “granny unit”), short for Accessory Dwelling Unit, means an attached or detached residential dwelling unit, situated on the same lot as an existing primary single-family dwelling. The ADU provides complete independent living facilities for one or more … Continue reading

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Using Black Effectively in Residential Design

How to Effectively Use Black in Architecture Black in every form, whether it be matte or glossy, painted or powder-coated, is gaining popularity as an architectural finish. From bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and cabinetry to exterior detailing, black in architecture has always been popular, particularly in Danish, Swedish, and Japanese design. But it has spread … Continue reading

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Top 4 Trends in Home Design

Thinking of remodeling your home? Here are the top four trends in home design for 2020 that homeowners and residential architects love. Kitchen as the Focus of Household Activities Architectural trends for 2020 give more prominence to the kitchen – making it larger and connecting it with dining and living room areas. This allows family … Continue reading

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Top Trends For Outdoor Heating

So You Want an Outdoor Heater?

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How To Tell If You Need A Building Permit

A Quick Guide On Permits For Home Renovations   Why Do I Need a Building Permit? Depending on the type of home improvement work you intend to do, your city may require a building permit. Permits ensure that everything you want to do is safe, legal, and on record. Luckily, not every change requires a permit! Here’s … Continue reading

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